Can We Still Believe the Bible?

by Bryan Ball

CanwestillbelieveMore than 400 years ago, countless people risked their lives to give their people the Bible in English, culminating in the “King James Version” of 1611. But was their sacrifice worth it? And does it matter to us today?

Delving into the study of history, language, cultures, archaeology, prophecy and the world today, Can We Still Believe the Bible? will take you on a journey through the strongest evidence available to answer these vital question.

“A classic defence of the Bible’s trustworthiness.”
Dr Gerhard Pfandl, Biblical Research Institute,  Washington, DC, USA

“Easy to read, hard to put down.” 
Joanne Davies, trustee, New Zealand Christian Foundation, Auckland, New Zealand

“Gripping and convincing—a great help.” 
Lara Kurzawa, university student, Sydney, Australia

“Thought provoking and meaningful.”
Julene Duerksen Kapao, high school Bible teacher, New Zealand

“Why believe the Bible? Here’s a very readable collection of very good reasons.” 
Nathan Brown, Author 'I Hope', Warburton, Australia

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