Writing for Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times is an award-winning monthly (11 times a year) magazine published by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. It aims to present the attractiveness of Christianity through positive lifestyle choices and easy-to-understand biblical beliefs. That means we are interested in:

  • Gospel articles – introduce Jesus Christ as personal Saviour
  • Human-interest stories – overcoming the odds, coping with adversity
  • Bible teaching – practical outworking of Bible teaching in everyday life, Adventist doctrine (eg Sabbath, baptism)
  • Relationships and personal growth – self-development, how to's, kids, family, friendships, overcoming
  • Prophetic interpretation – current events fulfilling Bible prophecy, exploration of past prophecies and their fulfilment
  • Ethical and social issues – rightness and wrongness, morality etc – must be well researched
  • Stories – stories with a moral (without moralising), worthwhile lessons, people doing something of value that inspires

Manuscripts that conform with these guidelines and are in harmony with Christian principles and the teachings of the Seventh-day Adventist Church will be considered for publication. We welcome new writers but would appreciate it if you took the time to look over our writer's guidelines below first. And we're looking forward to working with you!

To pitch a story idea or submit a feature for Signs of the Timescontact us. For more information on what we're looking for, read below.



We also aim to feature web-exclusive and user-driven content on our website that is separate from the print magazine. As such, while your submissions may not be published in our magazine, we may still choose to put it online. Articles published on the website are on a donation basis (byline and bio are compensation). We will seek your permission prior to publishing your article online. Articles are automatically archived and will be edited for length, grammar, content, style and tone.


Permissions and reprints

We usually have no problems with the reprinting and/or redistribution of articles that have appeared in Signs of the Times. However, we do ask that you contact us first. We also request that the reprinted article contains the author’s name, and names Signs of the Times magazine as the source. If online, a link for the original article should be included.

Writer's guidelines

  • Read previous issues. Read through at least three Signs to see what and how features are presented.
  • Inquire first. Yes, we do accept unsolicited manuscripts, but we could save you time if you wrote to us outlining your idea in about 100 words. We’ll soon tell you if we’re interested.
  • Choose suitable topics. Consider the list above, but also check back issues of the magazine (you can use the website) to see what has already been published.
  • Remember your audience. The reader probably isn't a churchgoer and may have little knowledge of the Bible. The target age is between 25 and 45. These people are busy, with little time to read lengthy articles. They don’t like to be preached to. What are their concerns?
  • Word count. We rarely publish articles more than 1500 words in length, so edit mercilessly.
  • Timing. If your article is linked to time – Easter, Christmas or Mother's Day – submit it at least four months ahead. You will receive acknowledgment on receipt of your article. Allow at least six weeks to receive an acceptance/rejection; we will try to use an accepted article within 12 months, but this will not always happen.

A small payment is made for all articles that are published as a token gesture of thanks. Remember, Signs is a not-for-profit magazine. Mention if you’re not looking for any payment and we'll be most grateful. Articles will also appear in a digital format on our website. This is for promotion purposes, and no additional compensation will be paid.