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This great nation grew to be a Mighty Empire that dominated the world

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Of all the great Empires of the past few were as brutal and remorseless as the Assyrians. This great nation grew to be a Mighty Empire that dominated the world, toppling Egypt’s supremacy and threatening to destroy everything that stood in it’s way. In this subject you will journey to the great cities of the Assyrian and learn of their great kings. History repeats itself and there are lessons for us to learn today.

What You Will Learn

Emerging facts

Altogether some 20,000 tablets or fragments were found at Ebla and Pettinato worked feverishly at translating them, discovering some startling facts.

Sodom & Gomorrah

Until recently, critics have regarded the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, recorded in Genesis 19, as fictitious.

Nineveh & its remains

Perhaps the most important discovery Layard made at Nimrud was a large black pillar on which was depicted a foreign king kneeling down and paying tribute to the Assyrian king.


Reviews (9)

Yes. It is a shame that the ruins of Nineveh will never be found as it would give a clear indication of what it actually was like unless there were photos in books that were easily accessible.

Sue Webster

Biblical history and ancient history once again intersect. This course will help you understand how the Bible fits in to real world events. Highly recommend.

Tina Boltinghouse

Amazing! Nineveh came alive in this course, I want to do it again!

Monica G