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Babylon & the Neo-Babylonian Empire

How Babylon came to dominate the world

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Babylon was the originator of the great mystery religions of the past that have been passed down to our day in so many various forms. Find out how these religions originated, how Babylon came to dominate the world and how Babylon’s influence is felt in all our lives to this very day.

What You Will Learn

Babylonian beginnings

The story of Babylon, the world's oldest city, begins with the biblical record of the universal deluge in the days of Noah.

The Ark files

While there are some points of difference between the Bible and Assyrian accounts, it is obvious that there are some remarkable similarities.

The Gilgamesh Epic

Tablets one to eight told of the travels of a mythical figure by the name of Gilgamesh and his remarkable escapades.


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This was incredible! What an excellent and informative study- Babylon has never seemed so real, thank you!

Monica G