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Forgive to Live

How Forgiveness Can Save Your Life

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Every one of us has a story – a hurtful event perpetrated by someone who mattered in our lives. Dr Tibbits' groundbreaking research revealed that a failure to forgive creates an inner anger disturbing our emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. This online course will show you how to forgive – insight by insight, step by step, as Dr Dick Tibbits demonstrates how forgiveness can literally save your life.

What You Will Learn

My Life is Your Fault

We all want to believe that life is fair. But what happens when life turns out to be not so fair after all? How can we best respond to the hurtful things that happen to us? This section deals with justice and forgiveness.

Choosing to Forgive

Too often we hurt more than is necessary simply because we would rather suffer than forgive. For some reason, we believe that staying angry is better than getting over our anger.

Personal Forgiveness

The biggest barrier to self-forgiveness may be our own resistance to it. It's not simply we feel bad because we've done wrong but because we wrap ourself in it as if it were a comfy blanket which is destroying us.


Dick TIbbits
Dr Dick TIbbits

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This course has good information about what forgiveness is, what it means, and how to move on with your life by setting yourself free. I would recommend it to anyone who has past issues that need resolving.

Veronika Barto

A very dear friend recommended this course to me when I was going through a difficult time and I found it to be a true blessing, it taught me to see things in a different light now I am living in victory I'm no longer the victim AMEN Thank You.

Josephine Everingham

Yes it is a great course for those that angry and having trouble to forgive others or forgive themself

Cherelyn Barus

yes a great course and very helpful too

kerryanne tavener