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Digging up the Past

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Discover the homeland of three of the worlds greatest religions and find out how an ancient culture has survived against the odds.

What You Will Learn

Jerusalem Tunnel

Visitors to Jerusalem today can wade through this tunnel. It is 500 metres long and at the southern end, Hezekiah had chiselled an inscription telling how the tunnel had been made.

Tomb of David

This shaft was recently excavated and can be seen on the east side of Jerusalem today.


The last of the early Bronze Age walls of Jericho were built in a great hurry using old and broken bricks and were probably not completed before it was destroyed by fire.


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Excellent. Would recommend to all who wish to see how the Bible matches up with history.

Tina Boltinghouse

Yes. It was interesting to know the sites that have been excavated and thought to be the different cities mentioned in the Bible.

Carolyn Macdougall