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Living Well

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What exactly does it mean to be healthy? Explore this and discover how you can make changes to become healthier.

What You Will Learn

What is Health?

Learning about health can be overwhelming - there is so much information! The Living Well course simplifies what makes good health so it is easy to understand and apply.

Making the Change

Are you ready to change? Learn about the responsibility of your health, goal setting and the stages of behaviour change.

Getting to Know the Basics

Achieving good health is simpler than you think! Improve your health by improving in some basic areas, including healthy eating, exercise and sleep.


Julie Hoey
Julie Hoey

BSc (Nutrition and Food Sciences), Grad Dip Dietetics, Grad Dip Ed

Maddison Fox
Maddison Fox

BSc (Nutrition), Hons (Dietetics), APD, AN, BAppSc (Exercise and Sport Science), Sports Dietition

Ross Grant
Dr Ross Grant

Phd (NeuroPharmacology), MAppSc (Clin Chemistry), BEd (Sc) (Biochemistry/Chemistry)

Darren Morton
Dr Darren Morton

PhD (Human Physiology), MAppSc (Human Movement), BEd (Distinction)

Christiana Leimena
Dr Christiana Leimena

PhD (Cell Biology and Inherited Heart Disease), BSc Hons (Biomedical Science)

Reviews (27)

I found the course very interesting, i really enjoyed it. I would recommend others to do it.

Michel Mitchell

Yes, I would recommend this course to anyone. It is free, easy to understand and requires only a little time to read each section.

Yvonne Kline

I think these lessons are absolutely the way to go so accessible so practical so user friendly thank you

Gloria Feather

I am enjoying this course, it is easy to follow and very interesting. I would definitely recommend it to someone who wants to start out with something easy to understand and not too taxing on the brain!

Belinda Hunt

This course has motivated and encouraged me to get serious about my health i have been trying and have been unable to maintain.So the maintenance stage is very important to me. i will also review my goals knowing i am fully responsible for my health.

Erna Magloire

Very impressed with this course, Living Well, and how easy it is to do! I feel encouraged to focus more on what is best for my health! Will definitely recommend it to others! 😃

Trudy Severt