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What kind of a parent are you?

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An in-depth look into different styles of parenting and tips on becoming a successful family

What You Will Learn

Communicating with your children

Tips on talking to children so they really listen to you

Successful Families

How to show unconditional love, spending quality time together and why it is important to value grandparents

What kind of a parent are you?

Understanding different styles of parenting

Reviews (12)

Please if you need help here is a good place to start. Great job good course. David

David Edmunds

I would recommend this course as a way to realise what the deeper issues are in problems with parenting and ways to deal with them :-)

Veronika Barto

An excellent course. I advise this course for all new parents or those going through trying times with their children.

Cate Bowley

Great course! It helps me a lot how will I handle my kids.

ma luisa cabag-iran

Where ever you are as a parent whether it be a newbie or one with 6+ children this course will suit all kinds and is awesome for guidance and/or reminders of how we can be the best possible parent we can be.

Koni Tuau

It was just want I needed to learn and to be encouraged in my parenting of my 6 children of various ages and from todlers to teenagers. Yes I have recommended this course to my friends.

Sandra Stanton