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What kind of a parent are you?

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An in-depth look into different styles of parenting and tips on becoming a successful family

What You Will Learn

Communicating with your children

Tips on talking to children so they really listen to you

Successful Families

How to show unconditional love, spending quality time together and why it is important to value grandparents

What kind of a parent are you?

Understanding different styles of parenting

Reviews (12)

Wonderful course.

David A. Groth Sgt. (ret.)

I recommend this course as it has helped me to be more positive with my daughter

Desrae Turvey

very infomative, good parenting tips, good over all advice and practical tips

Denise Hogan

Yes, I will recommend it to friends. Great visual design and excellent content. Thanks!

Gao Rui

Wonderful. So helpful and encouraging.

Monica G

Great course!

Lyle Southwell