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The Reformation and the Rise of the Modern Church

Beyond the Reformation

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Journey through the highs and lows of the Reformation period and study key stories and issues that made this era such a critical time for the rise of the modern church.


What You Will Learn

Martin Luther - The Protest of the Princes

William Tyndale

Discover the faith of William Tyndale that led to the translation of the Bible

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We too need to be aware of how easily we too can compromise God's Word to suit our own means. We need to be continually in the Word and pray for wisdom and guidance from the Holy spirit to understand God's will for our lives so we are not deceived.

Dineke Depuit

Very important lesson to help us understand the rise of the unknown and unexpected congregations And the confusion that's creeping inn to the church

ngosa blessings

Great! Exiting!

Lindita Vani