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The Dead Sea Scrolls

Digging up the Past

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Find out why the greatest archaeological discovery of all time was made of simple leather in clay jars. Discover it’s significance to you today!

What You Will Learn

Sumerian Cuneiform

The earliest known form of writing is the Sumerian cuneiform script in which there are about 800 characters, each representing a certain sound.

Book of Maccabees

It is one of seven books written in the Greek language in the period between the end of the Old Testament and the beginning of the New Testament.

The Cave of the Wounded Partridge

Right beside the ruins of an old settlement at a place called Khirbet Qumran. Here, a Jewish sect of ascetics known as the Essenes may have lived, and here they copied books of the Bible.


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most informative account I read on the dead sea scrolls .

dayal kumarage

Fascinating, succinct and informative look at this important subject! Thank you!

Jenny Fink

loved this short course and learned some interesting facts

kerryanne tavener

very enjoyable learning :)

Charmaine Sutherland

This course is excellent, very intuitive and with relevant and reliable content. Congratulations!

Ademar Antunes do Amaral

This course is interesting and provides evidence for the historicity of the Bible and Torah. It is important to see that the scriptures of the Old Covenant have remained virtually unchanged over the centuries.

Lynette Kingsbury