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The Messiah in Prophecy & History

Digging up the Past

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Unlock the mystery of how one solitary individual over a space of three years changed the entire world so dramatically that his life literally divides time in half!

What You Will Learn

Church of nativity srapus
Ancient Nazareth

A small Greek church houses a fountain where the virgin mother is said to have drawn her water.

Jerahs etrp0b
The three Jerichos

The most impressive Roman ruins in the Middle East are to be found at Jerash, some 40 kilometres north of Amman.

Garden of gethsemane vtza4e
Gethsemane's Garden

Jesus celebrated the Jewish passover with his disciples on Thursday night and, immediately after, repaired to the Garden of Gethsemane.


Reviews (5)

The stone rolled in front of Jesus' tomb was rolled away not for Jesus to come out but for us to go in and see that "He is not there for He is risen".

Samuel Israel

A short but important course to understand the Messiah in scripture and in time, place and circumstances.

Lynette Kingsbury

Most definitely, it is straightforward, well written, with many excellent pictures and sound doctrine. Just right for me (and subsequently others).

Peter Mundy

Yes I would. These would be an influence in the life of the church. The photographs are absolutely fantastic. I get an inspiration from doing these courses. I would not want to do anything else.

Sue Webster

Yes I would highly recommend.

Tina Boltinghouse