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The Sabbath Secret

Discover a secret that brings rest and rejuvenation

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Discover a secret gift, known by few for a millennia, that brings ongoing rest and rejuvenation.

What You Will Learn

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Even Jesus had the Sabbath gift

Even Jesus partook of the rejuvenation offered by God to prevent stress, find out how you can, too.

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Written in stone

God’s law includes a solution for burnout, the Sabbath. Discover the rest God created for us.

The daily struggle

It’s easy to get caught up in where we are going and what we are doing. Discover a plan for eternity.


Clifford Goldstein
Clifford Goldstein

BA (Theology), MA (Northwest Semitic Languages)

John Gate
Pr John Gate

BA (Theology), MA (Religion)

Jared Madden
Jared Madden

Producer "Beyond the Search"

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the sabbath is needed by us all to learn about Jesus and rest from our everyday works and being with our loved ones

kerryanne tavener

Very interesting and informative!

Denise Hogan