Week of Prayer

Annual Week of Prayer readings for the worldwide Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Week of Prayer for the South Pacific Division begins on Sabbath, September 7. The theme of this year's readings: "Faithful to His Prophets".

1 - Introduction: By Grace Alone
2 - A Word from Dr Ted Wilson
3 - Meet the Author
4 - God’s Word, our Faith Foundation (First Sabbath)
5 - Learning the Gospel (Sunday)
6 - The Ground of Our Salvation (Monday)
7 - Righteousness: A Practical Matter (Tuesday)
8 - God’s Commandments a Reflection of God’s Character (Wednesday)
9 - Justification by Faith Today (Thursday)
10 - The Summer that Will Never End (Friday)
11 - The Assurance of Salvation (Second Sabbath)
12 - Conclusion: “By Grace Are Ye Saved”