Kent Kingston

Producer, Researcher, Writer, Reporter

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (Communication), Graduate Diploma, Ministry

Kent Kingston produces, co-hosts and writes for the weekly Record InFocus Christian news and lifestyle television program and is also an assistant editor for Adventist Record magazine.
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  • Who am I?
    Many people struggle with questions of purpose, meaning and identity. Kent Kingston is no exception, but finds the Bible is a great place to look for answers.
  • Bittersweet: The Christian–Aboriginal connection
    Can an Aboriginal person be fully Christian without denying their cultural heritage? Kent Kingston explores recent books, music and movies that touch on the issue.
  • Love anyway
    Jesus’ message of love and peace is all very well for safe, suburban churchgoers. But how relevant is it to the harsh realities of life . . . in Iraq, for example? Kent Kingston reports.
  • I am your Father
    Star Wars. Thor. Back to the Future. Finding Nemo. It's amazing how the emotional tone of a movie—and a life—is often determined by the kind of father involved.
  • Living Well Health Course Launched
    Living Well was developed by the Discovery Centre in collaboration with health experts from Sanitarium, Avondale College, the Sydney Adventist Hospital’s Australasian Research Institute and SPD.