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Kent Kingston

Producer, Researcher, Writer, Reporter

Bachelor of Social Work (Honours), Bachelor of Arts (Communication), Graduate Diploma, Ministry

Kent Kingston produces, co-hosts and writes for the weekly Record InFocus Christian news and lifestyle television program and is also an assistant editor for Adventist Record magazine.
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  • Who am I?
    Many people struggle with questions of purpose, meaning and identity. Kent Kingston is no exception, but finds the Bible is a great place to look for answers.
  • Bittersweet: The Christian–Aboriginal connection
    Can an Aboriginal person be fully Christian without denying their cultural heritage? Kent Kingston explores recent books, music and movies that touch on the issue.
  • Love anyway
    Jesus’ message of love and peace is all very well for safe, suburban churchgoers. But how relevant is it to the harsh realities of life . . . in Iraq, for example? Kent Kingston reports.
  • I am your Father
    Star Wars. Thor. Back to the Future. Finding Nemo. It's amazing how the emotional tone of a movie—and a life—is often determined by the kind of father involved.
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