Pr Doug Batchelor

Christian author and speaker Doug Batchelor has experienced great extremes. His journey from anti-social, drug-using hermit to soul-winning evangelist has helped shape him into an engaging, popular speaker.
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  • From Sunday to Sabbath
    Doug Batchelor explains why he switched from observing the Sabbath on Sunday, the first day of the week, to observing it on Saturday, the seventh day.
  • You Are What You Think
    Doug Batchelor points out that the world around us has more influence on who we are than we may think.
  • From Prison to Palace
    According to Doug Batchelor, we all have the opportunity to inherit an immense fortune.
  • From Sunday to Sabbath
    Doug Batchelor, gives a straightforward explanation of why he worships on Saturday.
  • God Delivers a New Earth
    Will there ever be peace on earth?