Melody Tan

Melody Tan is the associate editor and website manager of Signs of the Times magazine. Born in Singapore, she has now made Sydney home. She has always loved to write and is delighted to be earning a living doing something she loves.
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  • No longer silent
    In a country where women have to fight doubly hard for gender equality, Jacqueline Joseph is trying to change the very fabric of society.
  • Standing at work
    The standing desk phenomenon has gained traction in the workplace, but is it really that good for your health?
  • To raise an Amish child
    How can we ensure our children aren’t addicted to technology when we ourselves can’t seem to tear ourselves away from our mobile phones?
  • Hygge your life
    Melody Tan explains a traditional way of thinking that’s putting energy back into our stressed, Western lives.
  • Diary of a first time mum
    Signs associate editor Melody Tan, recently returned from maternity leave, shares her experience as a first-time mum. And it may sound familiar.
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