Geoff Youlden

Geoff has a profound depth of knowledge and experience in the ancient prophetic writings of the Bible. Geoff is the lead presenter on the award winning documentary series Beyond the Search.
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  • The Battle Among Us
    Is there an objective standard of right and wrong? Are the Bible's teachings on morality and ethics outdated and out of touch with the world of today?
  • The Great War . . . 100 Years On
    While there is nothing to celebrate about war, Geoff Youlden says the cenotaphs and memorials in most towns testify to its place in our national culture.
  • The Assent of Degeneration
    Violence fuelled by alcohol is rising in Australia, but Geoff Youlden believes the media plays an equal part in the demise of values and virtues.
  • Mean World Syndrome
    How the media is making us more afraid
  • Arctic Meltdown
    Geoff Youlden tells us why we should be concerned about melting ice at the North Pole.