Christine Miles

Christine Miles is an interpreter and freelance writer.
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  • Eight Hours
    Christine Miles looks at the origins of the normal work day as we know it and why we celebrate Labour Day.
  • Simon Barnett: Rising Above
    Christine Miles speaks to a Christchurch radio presenter about living with New Zealand's second-deadliest natural disaster.
  • Feels Like Home
    She's older than some of the people she cares for, but Christine Miles discovers this Senior New Zealander of the Year is still as determined as ever to help.
  • The Treaty of Waitangi
    Christine Miles speaks with historian Paul Moon about the sometimes contentious agreement made between the British and the Maori some 170 years ago.
  • Ray Avery: Changing the World
    Christine Miles speaks with a New Zealand scientist, inventor and social entrepreneur determined to change the Third World.
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