Sven Östring

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  • Where Did the Universe Come From?
    Why the Big Bang eventually goes bust, universe-sized bubbles pop and string theory has cosmologists tangled up.
  • Do miracles still happen?
    Evidence for modern-day miracles are sketchy. However, one thing is certain: nothing is impossible with God.
  • Ice Core Science
    As debate over climate change brews, teams of scientists are working to recreate a history of our earth’s climate. But does the history they are finding disprove the biblical account of earth’s history?
  • Bigger than the Big Bang
    There are Christians who feel the need to integrate the Big Bang theory into their theology because they believe the weight of evidence requires them to do so. But this is dangerous.
  • The Weight of the Cross
    On that fateful Friday, the Son of God staggered along a path that would ultimately lead to His death. On His shoulders was the weight of the cross . . . and the weight of the world.
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