Vania Chew

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  • No laughing matter
    What are the early warning signs of dementia? And is there any way to prevent it in the first place? Vania Chew says the answers may be simpler than you think.
  • Food From Heaven
    Instead of kicking back and enjoying their retirement, John and Bev Lowe decided to feed the homeless.
  • Escape from Nicaragua
    This is the story of Freddy Zeledon, an Adventist refugee who fled Nicaragua.
  • Hope Channel NZ Now Free To Every Home
    Adventist congregations across New Zealand gathered to watch the debut of Hope Channel NZ on free-to-air television.
  • Project Hope Exceeds Expectations
    More than 400 programs are ready for television as a result of Project Hope, a partnership between Hope Channel South Pacific Division (SPD) and the Trans Pacific Union Mission (TPUM).
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