ADRA Responds to Ebola, Nepal Floods

26 Apr 2016
ADRA Responds to Ebola, Nepal Floods

The World Health Organization has warned that 20,000 people could die from West Africa’s current Ebola outbreak. In response the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) is continuing to provide relief and protect threatened communities in Liberia.

“ADRA has already flown in more than $A100,000 worth of protective equipment to support under-supplied hospitals,” said Beryl Hartmann, Humanitarian Program coordinator for ADRA Australia. “We’re now working with communities to establish 150 hand-washing stations, provide education to the community on preventative practices and supporting community groups to monitor and promote good health.”

In addition, ADRA is distributing survival kits to family members of those who have died from the disease. 

“In many cases the belongings of Ebola victims, including bedding, food and sanitary supplies, are destroyed, leaving family members with nothing,” Ms Hartmann said.

The response will focus on two of the hardest hit regions of Liberia with the support of the Seventh-day Adventist health system in the country.

More than 53,000 people will benefit from the project. ADRA’s Ebola response is also active in Sierra Leone.

Meanwhile, a serious health emergency is developing in the western regions of Nepal following deadly floods. ADRA is establishing two temporary health camps to assist some of the 180,000 people affected. 

ADRA’s work is focused on the districts of Bardiya and Banke—which have seen all four of their health facilities destroyed. The health teams, which include doctors, nurses, public health educators and other staff, will provide immediate relief and treatment in the region while also referring more serious cases to hospitals.

More than 5000 people will directly benefit from ADRA’s response.


Braden Blyde