Atoll Evangelism a Sucess

28 Apr 2016
Atoll Evangelism a Sucess

Three hundred Seventh-day Adventists and their friends on the island of Tarawa witnessed the baptism of 65 people at the conclusion of an evangelistic series conducted by Pastor Gary Webster.  

The Church in Kiribati had been praying and working with people in preparation for the evangelistic series (see “City evangelism moves to the atolls”, April 19). 

Pastor Webster also ran training meetings for elders, youth, pastors and Volunteers in Action during the three-week series. He covered topics such as visitation: a process of evangelism; how to lead people to Jesus; and how to run a prophecy seminar. He also encouraged people to go out on visitations. 

 The series was broadcast live on a local radio station for a fee. There were complaints from some in the community about the topics of the Sabbath and the mark of the beast. These programs did not go to air live but were aired after radio station staff listened to them.

At least one person was baptised who had no intention of coming to the series but started listening to it on the radio. Others were baptised after tuning in to the radio broadcasts and then coming along to the meetings.

 Church members were excited and learned how to share their personal testimonies and lead people to Jesus as part of the World Changers Bible program. Those who were baptised were given a World Changers Bible and trained to be a world changer.  

All the churches in Tarawa are now running prophecy seminars. Pastors and volunteer pastors who came from other islands to hear Pastor Webster’s series are now sharing it with their communities using DVD recordings.