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The French Pilot

Allen Steele

As a young boy, André dreamed of adventures beyond his small rural community in 17th century France. He also had questions about the church that dominated his town. Little did he know how these two impulses would combine to chart the direction of his life. 

"Allen Steele-a direct descendant of the Huguenot refugees André and Suzanne Lamoureaux-vividly tells their story in a way that will appeal to all readers. And what a story it is: persecution, a secret escape across the Channel, settling into a new life (first in England and then in America) and a brush with pirates. Dr Steele has combined careful historical research with the dedication that comes from his own justifiable pride in his descent from these resourceful and steadfast people. For anyone who wishes to discover the story of the Huguenots in an exciting and interesting way-here it is."


The French Pilot. Book Review
Steele pens a fantastic summary of a beautiful life. Easy to read, interesting and thrilling to the heart. Read the article