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  • Worth dying for?
    Worth dying for?

    James Standish

    Followers of Christ are among the most persecuted people on the planet, says James Standish. What motivates them to continue in their faith?

  • Feeding the homeless or the ego?
    Feeding the homeless or the ego?

    Katherine Yap

    When raising awareness about a good deed becomes a shameless brag about one’s own generosity. By Katherine Yap.

  • Muddy, crowded and desperate . . . but never hopeless
    Muddy, crowded and desperate . . . but never hopeless

    Celine Oldebraten

    About one million Rohingya have fled Myanmar and are seeking sanctuary in Bangladesh. Aid worker Britt Celine Oldebraten discovered that, while the scale of the crisis is hard to grasp, the stories of individual refugees are all too real.

  • Love anyway
    Love anyway

    Kent Kingston

    Jesus’ message of love and peace is all very well for safe, suburban churchgoers. But how relevant is it to the harsh realities of life . . . in Iraq, for example? Kent Kingston reports.

  • A long walk with Peter
    A long walk with Peter

    David Caukill

    Peter Tripovich, 90, recently went for a walk . . . around Australia.

  • No longer silent
    No longer silent

    Melody Tan

    In a country where women have to fight doubly hard for gender equality, Jacqueline Joseph is trying to change the very fabric of society.

  • From bondage to freedom
    From bondage to freedom

    Pudens Isabel

    Sex trafficking is a major problem in Nepal, but there are two non-governmental agencies helping would-be victims to avoid the trap.

  • Pandemic of pain
    Pandemic of pain

    Ashley Steele / Purdens Isobel

    Around the world women and girls are targeted by traffickers and suffer at the hands of their husbands and partners. But Ashley Steele and Pudens Isobel have seen strategies at work that are turning back the tide of abuse.

  • They are not alone
    They are not alone

    Maritza Brunt

    Women and girls are facing violence in Papua New Guinea. But, says Maritza Brunt, there’s hope . . .

  • Returning the favour
    Returning the favour

    David Caukill

    Three stories of individuals who are repaying the organisation that helped save their lives.

  • When drought hits home
    When drought hits home

    Ashley Eisele

    Ashley Eisele reports on the impact that a shortage of food and water is having on one family in Africa—and what ADRA is doing to help.

  • The Winston Aftermath
    The Winston Aftermath

    Josh Dye

    Months after a devastating cyclone hit Fiji, locals are still picking up the pieces. This is how one aid agency is helping

  • Doing Good, Better
    Doing Good, Better

    Braden Blyde

    When it comes to helping communities affected by disaster, there is a right and wrong way.

  • Food From Heaven
    Food From Heaven

    Vania Chew

    Instead of kicking back and enjoying their retirement, John and Bev Lowe decided to feed the homeless.

  • Living Her Dream
    Living Her Dream

    Sonja Larsen

    What do you do when family and society expect you to forgo an education to marry and bear children? One girl broke that tradition.

  • Flourishing in Cambodia
    Flourishing in Cambodia

    David Caukill

    Putting a human face on social enterprise and fair trade

  • A School for Refugees
    A School for Refugees

    Josh Dye

    This March marked the fifth year of the Syrian crisis, which has displaced half of the country’s population. Here’s what one agency is doing to help the suffering population.

  • Buying a better world
    Buying a better world

    Joy Butler

    They say money can’t buy happiness, but even a little has the potential to help thousands and address the inequalities of the world.

  • Right on Track
    Right on Track

    Josh Dye

    In an environment marred by alcohol and crime, a group of Aboriginal children are getting a shot at life.

  • Do Justice
    Do Justice

    Mark Webster

    But what is “justice” and why compile a book about it?

  • Meet Helen Hall: Order of Australia Medal Awardee
    Meet Helen Hall: Order of Australia Medal Awardee

    Nathan Brown

    Receiving credit for helping refugees.

  • Sudanese Refugees
    Sudanese Refugees

    Phil Brown

    In Melbourne's migrant zone, young people impact the lives of refugees.

  • When Rights are Wrong
    When Rights are Wrong

    Robert Wolfgramm

    At what stage does human rights become wrong, and are we to judge? Robert Wolfgramm shares his view

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