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  • That sugar tax
    That sugar tax

    Simon Barden

    Taxes and death. Many of us try everything reasonable to avoid both, but, what if embracing one could help us to delay the other.

  • Listening to my hair grow
    Listening to my hair grow

    Rose Brandon

    Taking a break when you’re overwhelmed by demands on your time, might be the best thing you can do.

  • Making healthy burgers
    Making healthy burgers

    Sue Radd

    While for a meat-eater a juicy burger can be one of life’s pleasures, most food such as this can bring on chronic disease.

  • Preventing inflammatory bowel disease
    Preventing inflammatory bowel disease

    Sue Radd

    While its exact cause is unknown, most researchers believe that inflammatory bowel disease involves a combination of a genetic susceptibility that “loads the gun” and a Western-style diet that “pulls the trigger.”

  • Making the switch
    Making the switch

    Simon Barden

    Few things in our day-to-day living are more influenced by tradition than our food choices, but sometimes, change is helpful.

  • Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
    Dark Green Leafy Vegetables

    Sue Radd

    They might taste bitter or peppery, but getting a regular dose of dark green leafy vegetables is an easy way to take your food as medicine.

  • Shift Work Strategies
    Shift Work Strategies

    Sue Radd

    Shift work is hard on the body because it disrupts your circadian rhythm. But can what and when you eat help?

  • What Should You Eat
    What Should You Eat

    Stefanie Thorpe

    Sifting through the plethora of dietary advice and food trends.

  • A Puff of Smoke
    A Puff of Smoke

    Loren Seibold

    Even seemingly mundane behaviours can have huge spiritual consequences.

  • God's Health Care Plan
    God's Health Care Plan

    James Marcum

    Some simple solutions to improve your health without expensive medications.

  • Alternative Sweeteners
    Alternative Sweeteners

    Sue Radd

    Sugar has gotten a bad rap for being highly refined and a source of empty kilojoules. But what else can you use?

  • Bean There?
    Bean There?

    Stefanie Thorpe

    The United Nations has declared 2016 the International Year of Pulses (beans). What it is about beans that warrants such acclamation?

  • What's for Dinner
    What's for Dinner

    Loren Seibold

    The Bible doesn't condemn the consumption of food nor our enjoyment of it, but society's obsession with what we eat may be getting out of hand

  • Preventing Alzheimer's Disease
    Preventing Alzheimer's Disease

    Sue Radd

    How would you feel if you were diagnosed with mild memory problems, which could progress to dementia within just five years?

  • Baby Brain Boost
    Baby Brain Boost

    Arlene Taylor

    Here are some ways to make you children smarter without really doing anything

  • The Ice Battle
    The Ice Battle

    Julie Guirgis

    As the problems associated with crystal methamphetamine addiction ramp up, is forced rehabilitation the answer?

  • A Sound Investment
    A Sound Investment

    Simon Barden

    Imagine a world where we don’t need to spend time preparing or cooking food. Sounds like an efficient use of time, but is it?

  • Deconstructing Bircher Muesli
    Deconstructing Bircher Muesli

    Sue Radd

    Bircher muesli is a soaked, sticky “porridge” that requires no cooking.

  • Home Alone
    Home Alone

    Karen Holford

    As telecommuting becomes more common, employees and employers are discovering some unexpected side effects.

  • Go Healthy For Good: January/February 2016
    Go Healthy For Good: January/February 2016

    Nerida Mckibben

    Nerida McKibben is the host of HopeChannel’s health and wellness show, Go Healthy For Good. To find out more, go to

  • Have a Healthy, Happy Christmas
    Have a Healthy, Happy Christmas

    Melody Tan

    How you can enjoy the festive season's treats without feeling the guilt.

  • A Mother's Prayer
    A Mother's Prayer

    Emily Galbraith

    At a loss to help her son with the deep depression he was experiencing, Emily Galbraith sought divine help

  • A Healthy Spirit For Your Mind
    A Healthy Spirit For Your Mind

    Angela Zujic

    When it comes to mental health, a belief in God plays a bigger part than we may think.

  • The Day I Lost My Dad
    The Day I Lost My Dad

    Julie Guirgis

    Julie Guirgis’s father suffers from dementia. One day he wandered from home.

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