Science & Technology

  • Playing God
    Playing God

    Kim Peckham

    As scientists progress from genetically modifying food to tinkering with the human genome, what does this means for our Creator God?

  • The God of His Sucess
    The God of His Sucess

    Harold Finch

    Going from NASA scientist to film producer is quite a step. Harold Finch talks about the secrets behind his achievements.

  • Pokémon go … but go where?
    Pokémon go … but go where?

    Mark Hadley

    There’s much more to living in an augmented reality.

  • Answers to Life's Big Questions
    Answers to Life's Big Questions

    Errol Webster

    Why send a spacecraft 6.4 billion kilometres for 10 years to a comet five kilometres wide traveling at 135,000 kilometres per hour?

  • Digital Thunder
    Digital Thunder

    Jared Madden

    We are now at a point where ‘digital overload’ is impacting our health and relationships. What's the solution...

  • Digital Disconnect
    Digital Disconnect

    Jared Madden

    This new digital paradigm is changing how we relate to society, families, friends and God.

  • Called to Attention
    Called to Attention

    Nathan Brown

    An analysis of the news that we consume - or that consumes us.

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