• Agents of God
    Agents of God

    Nathan Brown

    The free gift of God's grace contains more responsibilities than we may expect at first.

  • Do miracles still happen?
    Do miracles still happen?

    Sven Östring

    Evidence for modern-day miracles are sketchy. However, one thing is certain: nothing is impossible with God.

  • The Water of a New Life
    The Water of a New Life

    Harold Harker

    When it comes to the Christian tradition of baptism, we may be missing some important aspects.

  • Will We Know Each Other In Heaven
    Will We Know Each Other In Heaven

    Marvin Moore

    The Bible says we will be transformed when Jesus comes. Does this extend to our memories and recognition of our friends and loved ones?

  • Thank God for Atheists?
    Thank God for Atheists?

    Bruce Manners

    Christianity may have more to thank atheists for than expected.

  • The Miracle of Love
    The Miracle of Love

    Roger Morneau

    When he decided to accept God into his life, he turned his back on demon worship.

  • The Truth is Out There
    The Truth is Out There

    Loren Seibold

    Is there an ultimate truth, or does our knowledge constantly change with new information? And what does this mean for our understanding of the Bible?

  • Beyond Imagination
    Beyond Imagination

    Charles Mills

    Visualising the beauty of God's new world.

  • The price of unity
    The price of unity

    Dean Edgar

    Dean Edgar looks at the campaign to bring Catholic and Protestant denominations together.

  • The God Helmet
    The God Helmet

    Loren Seibold

    Some spiritual experiences come from God. Others don’t. How do we tell the difference?

  • In all things, charity
    In all things, charity

    Loren Seibold

    Why are there so many different kinds of Christians today and what does it mean for the world?

  • Pet shop prayer
    Pet shop prayer

    Michelle Ward

    What happened when a young woman shut her shop on the busiest day of the week in order to obey God?

  • Can You Change God's Mind
    Can You Change God's Mind

    Curtis Rittenour

    Do our prayers alter the way God responds to us

  • Five Questions with Simon Smart
    Five Questions with Simon Smart

    Simon Smart

    Simon Smart is director of the Centre for Public Christianity, a not-for-profit media organisation offering a Christian perspective on contemporary life.

  • The Beautiful Pattern
    The Beautiful Pattern

    KT Marie Wallis

    A charming lesson from the arms of an older lady

  • Are You Gifted
    Are You Gifted

    Karen Holford

    The Bible says God has given each of us special talents. Lets discover what yours may be.

  • Seeing Your Special Angel
    Seeing Your Special Angel

    Charles Mills

    Conversation with a donkey – and what one would say to an angel.

  • When God Spoke to Me
    When God Spoke to Me

    Amy Joy Hess

    What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice? How does He “talk” to us?

  • Look What I Found
    Look What I Found

    Omar Miranda

    Even if we’ve drifted away from God in the past, He is always glad to reconnect with us.

  • How to Trust God
    How to Trust God

    John Bradshaw

    John Bradshaw reveals how we can maintain our faith in God through life’s difficult times.

  • Stop, Drop and Roll
    Stop, Drop and Roll

    Omar Miranda

    I remember where I was and what I saw on that day. It was the first time I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

  • Is God a Delusion?
    Is God a Delusion?

    Clifford Goldstein

    Out of 9/11 a new ideology arose which declared intellectual war on all theistic faith and assumptions.

  • Food for Thought
    Food for Thought

    Nyree Tomkins

    The meaning behind the Christian tradition of Communion.

  • How to Develop a More Meaningful Prayer Life
    How to Develop a More Meaningful Prayer Life

    Randy Maxwell

    Randy Maxwell shares some thoughts on how you can find more meaning in prayer.

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