• Disconnect To Reconnect
    Disconnect To Reconnect

    Trent Martin

    I'm trading God in for something that's second-rate

  • The Sneakiest Strategy
    The Sneakiest Strategy

    Julie Catton

    The difficulty comes when your work time and your down time are so full that there’s no room for God time.

  • Engaging the Enemy
    Engaging the Enemy

    Ray and Chantal Moaga

    The war against the enemy is so brutal that we need strong, heavy-duty armour.

  • Ready or Not
    Ready or Not

    Lachlan Harders

    I have often found the second coming of Jesus to be quite a daunting proposition. It somehow felt like Jesus’ return would actually stop me from achieving some of my personal goals.

  • Heaven Starts Now
    Heaven Starts Now

    Nick Kross

    The kingdom of Heaven is wherever the Spirit of God dwells.

  • Are You Serious
    Are You Serious

    Tony Knight

    "Do we really believe and better still, do we live as if we believe?

  • Why Justice?
    Why Justice?

    Mark Webster

    Justice is an essential component of who God is.

  • WW-U-D

    Julie Catton

    Jesus didn’t build ministry around the temple— He went to the people. Jesus was a friend of sinners. (Matt 11:19)

  • Crossing the Line
    Crossing the Line

    Derek Rippingale

    Derek Rippingale interviews Julian Archer—author of Help! I’ve Been Blessed!—about walking the dangerous line between wealth and spiritual poverty.

  • No Apology for Apologetics
    No Apology for Apologetics

    Matthew Williams

    . . . one of the biggest misconceptions of Christians and Christianity today is the concept of 'blind faith'.

  • Curing Adventist Amnesia
    Curing Adventist Amnesia

    Anthony MacPherson

    We are not the light but witnesses to the Light's soon reappearing.

  • When God Spoke to Me
    When God Spoke to Me

    Amy Joy Hess

    What does it mean to “hear” God’s voice? How does He “talk” to us?

  • Saving the Devil
    Saving the Devil

    Warren Shipton

    The Tassie devils may be ill-tempered and unattractive beast but are we just the same?

  • Evangelism a Success in Tonga
    Evangelism a Success in Tonga

    Jarrod Stackelroth

    The Mission to the Cities initiative continues to gain momentum in cities around the South Pacific, using a combination of evangelism and health messages.

  • Wholism: Why Adventist Should Make Terrible Monks
    Wholism: Why Adventist Should Make Terrible Monks

    Stephen Ferguson

    Can Adventists learn from an extreme form of Christianity—monasticism—with its mandatory poverty, chastity, fasting, silence, hairshirts, reed beds, midnight vigils and self-flagellations?

  • High School Missionary
    High School Missionary

    Emi Price

    Starting at a non-denominatonal school has enabled Emi to share her faith with her somewhat curious and at times doubtful peers.

  • Plum Pudding's Disastrous Decisions
    Plum Pudding's Disastrous Decisions

    James Standish

    This is the story of Plum Pudding and his disastrous decisions.

  • Jesus and the North Korean Dictators
    Jesus and the North Korean Dictators

    Stephen Ferguson

    Do Jesus, Kim II-sung and Kim Jong-II have anything in common?

  • Scrubbing for God
    Scrubbing for God

    Jarrod Stackelroth

    “You will have to let me undress you,” said the lion Aslan to the boy-turned-dragon Eustace. We can Scrubb all we want, but only Jesus can remove the stains.

  • Keeping it Simple
    Keeping it Simple

    Tracey Bridcutt

    We're often told to think big. But sometimes it's the simple ideas that prove the most successful (anyone remember the Pet Rock and the slinky?).

  • Dream

    Branimir Schubert

    Here's something to wrap your head around: the greatest leader in history was . . . a carpenter. If there was one person who, by any normal reckoning, should not have been a leader, it was Jesus.

  • Little Star
    Little Star

    Jarrod Stackelroth

    Get ready to be moved. This story about a little star will touch your heart in a big way.

  • Six Years
    Six Years

    Linden Chuang

    “So what’s it like having a dead dad?” It's not a question you want to be asked shortly after losing your father.

  • My Story - Pastor Luis Bermudez
    My Story - Pastor Luis Bermudez

    Luis Bermudez

    When he was a boy, Pastor Luis Bermudez's family decided to flee the civil war in Nicaragua. The rest, you could say, is "His-story"

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