Delicious, Nutritious and Auspicious

12 Apr 2016
Delicious, Nutritious and Auspicious

We all want to eat not just healthily but tastily too! After all, what's worse than a super healthy meal that tastes like sawdust mixed with bitter herbs? But who has the time to cook tasty, healthy meals? Life is fast paced. Demanding. And by the time we get home from work, the last thing we want to do is slave over a stove for hours. We’re hungry NOW! 

Enter Cook:30, a new show on HopeChannel to be broadcast across New Zealand. It reveals the secrets behind the recipes and techniques used in the legendary Revive Cafes in beautiful Auckland. The show is hosted by Revive Cafes founder Jeremy Dixon and features only the best, all plant-based, wholefood ingredients. 

“This is all about getting more energy in your life,” says Mr Dixon, who founded the cafes with his wife Verity. And judging from his achievements, he is someone who knows a lot about energy. Since starting the first eatery in 2003, Mr Dixon has published six cookbooks and started a second Revive Cafe. He sends out a weekly newsletter full of great food ideas and now he has produced a 50 episode, quick recipe masterclass on eating well. 

“Cook:30 revolves around creating a meal for your family or friends in just 30 minutes,” Mr Dixon says. “It’s all about multi-tasking. For example, you might start the brown rice cooking, sauté the onions for the curry, make a salad, back to the curry, whip up a dessert, steam some vegetables, finish the curry, plate up the rice and on the table in just 30 minutes." 

And there’s just one more thing you should know: the food is to die for. Or, maybe better said in this case, to live for! It is absolutely delicious, completely nutritious and will turn any dinner into an occasion most auspicious. So check out Cook:30 on HopeChannel NZ, launching on March 20 at 9.30 am, or at <>.


* Record Staff