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A New Name: From Jacob to Israel

Hope Sabbath School Episode 10

Added 30 May 2022

Jacob is now free from Laban. Under God’s blessing, Jacob has become rich. It seems that he is at last happy. He has reached his goal and is heading home to Canaan. Yet, Jacob is profoundly worried about his future in Canaan and the threat posed by his brother. It is precisely at this moment that God chooses to approach Jacob. This extraordinary confrontation will radically change the character of Jacob. As a result, Jacob is renamed Israel.  After a night of wrestling, Jacob emerges from his encounter with a blessing and a new name. He has had a personal encounter with the God of love and lived. In turn, Jacob is able to look upon the face of his enemy, his brother, Esau, in humility and love.

1 - The Creation
2 - The Fall
3 - Cain and His Legacy
4 - The Flood
5 - All Nations and Babel
6 - The Roots of Abraham
7 - The Covenant With Abraham
8 - The Promise to Abraham
9 - Jacob the Supplanter
10 - A New Name: From Jacob to Israel
11 - Joseph, Master of Dreams
12 - Joseph, Prince of Egypt
13 - Israel in Egypt