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All Nations and Babel

Hope Sabbath School Episode 5

Added 01 May 2022

The survivors of the Flood, the three sons of Noah, will generate three branches of the humanity, which will constitute the nations of the world. It seems that humanity is on the right track to filling the earth and bringing God’s image to the ends to the earth. Yet, the story of the Tower of Babel marks a dramatic break in that momentum. God’s commission of universality is replaced by the human ideal of unity and uniformity. Humans want to be one, and worse, they want to be God. 

1 - The Creation
2 - The Fall
3 - Cain and His Legacy
4 - The Flood
5 - All Nations and Babel
6 - The Roots of Abraham
7 - The Covenant With Abraham
8 - The Promise to Abraham
9 - Jacob the Supplanter
10 - A New Name: From Jacob to Israel
11 - Joseph, Master of Dreams
12 - Joseph, Prince of Egypt
13 - Israel in Egypt