HopeChannel Australia

(Ku-band, small dish system)
Satellite: Optus D2  (Ku-band, small dish system)
Version:  HCI
Frequency: 12706.5 MHz
Symbol Rate: 22.500 Ms/s
FEC: 3 /4
Polarization: Vertical


What is required at the downlink sites to continue to watch Hope on NSS9:
Between August 19 and 31 you will need to make a small change to your equipment.  
Change the polarity of your LNB
If you have a single LNB you will need to rotate your LNB on your dish 90 degrees.
If you have a switch mode LNBF capable of switching between Left and Right and the voltage used currently is 18/19V you will need to change the voltage to 12/13V
Change the frequency on your decoder. 

You will need to retune the Hope Channel with the following parameters;

Satellite NSS9 (unchanged)
Frequency 3999 MHz RHCP   (NEW)
Polarity  Right/RHCP/R (NEW)
L-Band: 1151 MHz RHCP (NEW)
FEC   AUTO or ¾  (unchanged)
C-Band  (unchanged)

If you used a satellite technician to install your equipment we would encourage you to seek the assistance of an experienced satellite dish installer again just to make sure it's done right.

To minimise the impact on any site there will be 2 weeks from Aug 19 to Aug 31 where we will be broadcasting on both Left and Right polarities to give us all time to make the change.
This change will only be impacting sites that access Hope from NSS9.  If you access Hope from any other satellite like Optus D2 or GE23 or Eutelsat 172E no changes are required.

If you would like add Hope Channel Radio to your existing setup then you will need to rescan the satellite for new channels. Please refer to your Satellite Decoder's user manual to learn how to rescan the frequency.