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Choose Life

Hope Sabbath School Episode 8

Added 17 Nov 2021

Since the beginning of history, the Bible is about a cosmic struggle between God, with His law of light and life, and Satan, with his way of death and darkness. As were Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, Israel is challenged by God to make a choice between two ways. The paradox is that if the people choose the wrong way, they will lose their freedom and really not be able to choose at all. The issue at stake is life itself!

1 - Introduction to Deuteronomy
2 - Inspired History Lesson
3 - The Everlasting Covenant
4 - To Love The Lord Your God
5 - The Stranger In Your Gates
6 - For What Nation Is There So Great?
7 - Law and Grace in Deuteronomy
8 - Choose Life
9 - Turn Their Hearts
10 - Remember, Do Not Forget.
11 - Deuteronomy In The Later Writings
12 - Deuteronomy in the New Testament
13 - The Resurrection Of Moses