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Conquering Stress

It Is Written Oceania Episode 7

Aired on 09 Oct 2009

You have just received a letter informing you that you are way behind on your taxes and as you are reading that letter, the phone rings and a coworker tells you that you are expected to make a big presentation tomorrow that you didn't know about. Your wife is having surgery and the kids are running wild through the house. Suddenly you feel a knot in the pit of your stomach, a cold sweat starts to form between your eyebrows and you can feel every inch of your body tighten up as your mind begins to race. What are you going to do? Well you have to do something. We've all heard over the last 20 years or so that stress can be a real killer. Today on It Is Written special guest, Dr Fred Harding joins Pastor Boonstra to give you the tools you need to both understand stress and deal with it.


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