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Feeding Your Soul

It Is Written Oceania Episode 8

Aired on 16 Oct 2009

Most of us as Christians recognise that Bible study is very important. Yet with our busy schedules we only sort of fit it in somewhere and never really get enough out of it. Even when we do make time sometimes we struggle to understand what we are reading or how to apply it to our lives. Take a journey to the German town of Worms and see Martin Luther make a life threatening stand for the Bible. Today is a very practical program—you will learn the secrets to breathing new life into your own Bible study.


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1 - The Time Of Jacob's Ladder
2 - Kristallnacht
3 - Waiting For A Wedding
4 - Lessons From a Vacant Lot
5 - Crossing Earth's Finish Line
6 - The Day It Rained Fire
7 - Conquering Stress
8 - Feeding Your Soul
9 - Lone Ranger Christianity
10 - Behold the Man
11 - The Living Know
12 - Voices From Beyond
13 - The Big Five: Is There More Than One Path to the Top?
14 - The Big Five: God, Why Don't You Stop Pain and Suffering?
15 - The Big Five: God, How Do I Know You Really Exist?
16 - The Big Five: Who Wrote the Bible?
17 - The Big Five: Who is Jesus?
18 - Modern-day Miracle in Paradise