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For What Nation Is There So Great?

Hope Sabbath School Episode 6

Added 01 Nov 2021

What makes a nation great is generally what it achieves, its political power, the surface of its land, its exploits in war, or its wealth. Nothing of that sort characterizes the nation of Israel when the people hear Moses’ compliment. Moses’ rhetorical question, “What other nation is so great?” (Deut. 4:8, NIV), implies that this is the greatest nation on earth. Indeed, Moses’ description of the grandeur of Israel baffles our mind. It is all about God and His laws.  

1 - Introduction to Deuteronomy
2 - Inspired History Lesson
3 - The Everlasting Covenant
4 - To Love The Lord Your God
5 - The Stranger In Your Gates
6 - For What Nation Is There So Great?
7 - Law and Grace in Deuteronomy
8 - Choose Life
9 - Turn Their Hearts
10 - Remember, Do Not Forget.
11 - Deuteronomy In The Later Writings
12 - Deuteronomy in the New Testament
13 - The Resurrection Of Moses