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Israel in Egypt

Hope Sabbath School Episode 13

Added 21 Jun 2022

 This last section of the book of Genesis takes us to the end of the patriarchal period with the deaths of Jacob and Joseph. The whole clan of Jacob is now in exile in Egypt. The last words of the book are “a coffin in Egypt.” The history of salvation seems to have no happy ending. And yet, this is the part of the book that is the most redolent of hope. 

The fact, however, that Israel “dwells” in exile, in Egypt as strangers, is in tension with the hope of the Promised Land.

1 - The Creation
2 - The Fall
3 - Cain and His Legacy
4 - The Flood
5 - All Nations and Babel
6 - The Roots of Abraham
7 - The Covenant With Abraham
8 - The Promise to Abraham
9 - Jacob the Supplanter
10 - A New Name: From Jacob to Israel
11 - Joseph, Master of Dreams
12 - Joseph, Prince of Egypt
13 - Israel in Egypt