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Lessons From a Vacant Lot

It Is Written Oceania Episode 4

Aired on 18 Sep 2009

Most people are willing to make sacrifices so that children can have a better shot at life. We do without some of the luxuries of life to save for uni tuition, we work that extra shift to pay for cricket, swimming or music lessons. And even if our own healthcare doesn't cover a whole lot we still drag our kids to the medical clinic once in a while because we want them to have every chance at living a healthy, productive life. So then you've got to wonder why in the world would somebody build a school right on top of a toxic waste dump?


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1 - The Time Of Jacob's Ladder
2 - Kristallnacht
3 - Waiting For A Wedding
4 - Lessons From a Vacant Lot
5 - Crossing Earth's Finish Line
6 - The Day It Rained Fire
7 - Conquering Stress
8 - Feeding Your Soul
9 - Lone Ranger Christianity
10 - Behold the Man
11 - The Living Know
12 - Voices From Beyond
13 - The Big Five: Is There More Than One Path to the Top?
14 - The Big Five: God, Why Don't You Stop Pain and Suffering?
15 - The Big Five: God, How Do I Know You Really Exist?
16 - The Big Five: Who Wrote the Bible?
17 - The Big Five: Who is Jesus?
18 - Modern-day Miracle in Paradise