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Part of God's Family

Hope Sabbath School Episode 1

Added 06 Jan 2023

As Christians, we are God’s children and part of His family. God blesses His children with many wonderful gifts. One of these gifts is His trust. God trusts us to manage His work on this earth. God also blesses the church with money. God wants us to support His work. He also encourages us to spend our leftover money on the things we need. God wants us to help the needy, too. He also trusts us to raise His children, build His buildings, and teach new Christians Bible truth. This study will consider what it means for us to be part of God’s family.

1 - Part of God's Family
2 - God’s Promised Blessings
3 - The Tithing Blessing
4 - Offerings for Jesus
5 - Dealing with Debt