Prisoner of Conscience

It Is Written Oceania Episode 16

Aired on 24 Aug 2012

Paris, it’s the world’s most popular city destination. 42 million tourists visit Paris each year. As you walk down its elegant boulevards, past its majestic cathedrals, and beside its graceful fountains, it’s hard to believe that this grand city was once the most dangerous place in the world for anyone who read, believed and practiced what the Bible says.


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1 - Things that Matter Most: Wired for God
2 - Things that Matter Most: When More Becomes Less
3 - Things that Matter Most: When Hugs Come Too Late
4 - Things that Matter Most: Getting Off the Mountain
5 - Things that Matter Most: Coming to Be With Me
6 - Things that Matter Most: Your Law is Too Small
7 - Things that Matter Most: Which Resurrection?
8 - Hope for the Future: Going to Extremes
9 - Brothers in Arms: Anzac Chaplains
10 - Coping Isn't Enough: Does God Heal on the Inside?
11 - Coping Isnt Enough: Two Awakenings
12 - When Wounds Wont Heal: Hero at Work, Zero at Home
13 - When Wounds Won't Heal
14 - When Wounds Wont Heal: Trouble With the Personnel
15 - Prince of Prophecy: Faith Under Fire
16 - Prisoner of Conscience
17 - Mary Jones' Bible