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Suffering With The Good Shepherd

Hope Sabbath School Episode 1

Added 06 Jul 2022

This study begins a long but all-important journey this quarter—a journey into the meaning of suffering, evil, and death. Yes, suffering can be studied as a separate phenomenon of human existence; it can be studied from a scientific or psychological perspective in such terms as perception, affections, and consequences. However, the biblical view on suffering is much deeper. The Bible explains the origin of suffering—an origin that exonerates God from any responsibility for bringing sin into existence. The Bible also shows how God uses suffering as a transformational framework for our own enrichment, victory, and eternal life. 

1 - Suffering With The Good Shepherd
2 - Expecting Suffering And Trials
3 - Singing A New Song In Times Of Suffering
4 - Welcoming The Refiner’s Fire
5 - Enduring Extreme Suffering
6 - Making Healthy Choices In Times Of Suffering
7 - Finding Hope In Times Of Suffering