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The Cost of Rest

Hope Sabbath School Episode 4

Added 01 Aug 2021

Edwin Cooper was famous across American television in the 1950s as Bozo the clown. In addition to entertaining both young and old, Cooper had a message for his ‘buddies and partners’ every week: get checked for cancer. Yet Cooper was so busy working that he neglected to follow his own advice. By the time his cancer was discovered, it was too late for it to be treated. Edwin Cooper died at just forty-one years of age from a disease that he had warned many others to watch out for. Sin is far more deadly than the most aggressive, malignant cancer. Sin kills and destroys everything it touches. In this study, we will discover the cost of rest. 

1 - Living in a 24/7 Society
2 - Restless and Rebellious
3 - The Roots of Restlessness
4 - The Cost of Rest
5 - The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”
6 - Finding Rest in our Family Relationships
7 - Rest, Relationships, and Healing
8 - Free to Rest
9 - The Rhythms of Rest
10 - Sabbath Rest
11 - Longing for More
12 - The Restless Prophet
13 - The Ultimate Rest