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The Flood

Hope Sabbath School Episode 4

Added 22 Apr 2022

We shall not study the biblical story of this cosmic event in order to understand it from a scientific point of view. We do not possess all the data to be able to comprehend this phenomenon. Apart from the scientific discussion, a number of questions will be debated. The fundamental question concerns God Himself: What does this story teach us about the God of the Bible and His purpose? Gnostic philosopher Marcion of Sinope (ad 85–ad 160), and many other Christians after him, used the Flood to demonstrate that the God of the Old Testament was a violent and cruel God, set in diametric opposition to Jesus, the God of love. 

1 - The Creation
2 - The Fall
3 - Cain and His Legacy
4 - The Flood
5 - All Nations and Babel
6 - The Roots of Abraham
7 - The Covenant With Abraham
8 - The Promise to Abraham
9 - Jacob the Supplanter
10 - A New Name: From Jacob to Israel
11 - Joseph, Master of Dreams
12 - Joseph, Prince of Egypt
13 - Israel in Egypt