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The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”

Hope Sabbath School Episode 5

Added 01 Aug 2021

Have you ever felt that the burdens you are carrying are just too heavy? Have you ever felt that your stress level is at its limit and you just cannot cope any longer? This study provides practical help when we come to the breaking point. In fact, whether our burdens are extremely heavy or relatively light, Jesus invites us to come to Him to find relief. 

1 - Living in a 24/7 Society
2 - Restless and Rebellious
3 - The Roots of Restlessness
4 - The Cost of Rest
5 - The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”
6 - Finding Rest in our Family Relationships
7 - Rest, Relationships, and Healing
8 - Free to Rest
9 - The Rhythms of Rest
10 - Sabbath Rest
11 - Longing for More
12 - The Restless Prophet