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The Judging Process

Hope Sabbath School Episode 13

Added 21 Dec 2022

God is our Judge (Isa. 35:4). As our Judge, He is impartial in His judgment. This is good news for us. As fallen beings with imperfect judgment and a tendency toward partiality and prejudice, we tend to transport some folks into heaven and then refuse others entry. God knows human hearts, thinking, and motives; thereby, He alone can deliver to every human being an unbiased and just sentence. Through His judgments, God restores His glory and vindicates His character. He does so openly and consistently so that everyone can know who He is (Ps. 34:8). God wants all intelligent beings in the universe to understand His purposes and to know that He deals with evil fairly, punishes the wicked appropriately, and saves sinners justly (Ezek. 18:21, 23, 32; Ezek. 33:11; Rom. 3:21–26).

1 - Rebellion in a Perfect Universe
2 - Death in a Sinful World
3 - Understanding Human Nature
4 - The Old Testament Hope of Eternal Life With God
5 - Resurrections Before the Cross
6 - Jesus Died for Us
7 - Christ’s Victory Over Death
8 - The New Testament Hope
9 - Challenging Bible Passages About Death
10 - The Fires of Hell and Eternal Torment
11 - End-Time Tricks and Lies
12 - The Great Controversy Worldview
13 - The Judging Process
14 - Making All Things New