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The Restless Prophet

Hope Sabbath School Episode 12

Added 14 Sep 2021

One of the most interesting stories in Scripture has to be that of Jonah. Here he was, a prophet of God, someone called of God, and yet—what? He ran away from God’s call. Then, after being persuaded in a dramatic way to change his mind and obey the Lord, he did so—but then only to do what? To complain that the people to whom he was called to witness actually repented and were spared the destruction that, otherwise, would have been theirs! What an example of someone not at rest, not at peace!

1 - Living in a 24/7 Society
2 - Restless and Rebellious
3 - The Roots of Restlessness
4 - The Cost of Rest
5 - The Invitation of Jesus: “Come to Me”
6 - Finding Rest in our Family Relationships
7 - Rest, Relationships, and Healing
8 - Free to Rest
9 - The Rhythms of Rest
10 - Sabbath Rest
11 - Longing for More
12 - The Restless Prophet
13 - The Ultimate Rest