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Total Surrender To Christ In Times Of Suffering And Trial

Hope Sabbath School Episode 12

Added 12 Sep 2022

Death is a fascinating element in all religions. In biblical Christianity, death has two connotations. On one hand, death is the result of, and punishment for, sin. On the other hand, our life with God starts with death− death to sin. Only when we experience this death to sin can we fully enjoy life in God’s kingdom. Death to sin leads to overcoming and confronting the death that is the result of sin. But both events are possible because of Christ’s death for us.

This study highlights two major themes.

1. Death to sin sets the framework for the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit Himself personally implements the transformation of our characters unto the image of Jesus Christ and empowers us to live lives of sacrificial service and obedience to God.
2. If we do not experience death to sin, we will continue a life of self-centeredness and self-service, a life of sin that, in fact, leads to death

1 - Suffering With The Good Shepherd
2 - Expecting Suffering And Trials
3 - Singing A New Song In Times Of Suffering
4 - Welcoming The Refiner’s Fire
5 - Enduring Extreme Suffering
6 - Making Healthy Choices In Times Of Suffering
7 - Finding Hope In Times Of Suffering
8 - Seeing Beyond Our Suffering And Trials
9 - Praising The Lord Through Times Of Suffering
10 - Reflecting The Character Of Christ
11 - Waiting On The Lord In Times Of Suffering
12 - Total Surrender To Christ In Times Of Suffering And Trial
13 - Reflecting On The Sufferings Of Christ