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Ephesians in the Heart

How do we move past knowing about grace to experiencing it personally? How can a new life in Christ unite us as a church?

Waging Peace

Imagine if every believer put on the full armour of God! What would that look like individually and as a church?

The Call to Stand

We are in the middle of a battle between good and evil. Paul reminds us to seek strength and protection in the Lord.

Practicing Supreme Loyalty to Christ

In this episode, the apostle Paul extends counsel to children, parents, workers and employers. How can we apply this counsel today?

Husbands and Wives: Together at the Cross

What does it mean to submit to one another? What counsel does Paul have for husbands and wives? How does the marriage relationship reflect the relationship Christ has with His church?

Living Wisely

What does it mean to be imitators of God? Why is it important to remember that we are “dear children” as we continue to grow in grace?

Christ-shaped Lives and Spirit-inspired Speech

How does Paul describe the human experience before we become a "new creation"? What miracle occurs when we accept grace? What practical counsel does Paul give us to grow in grace?

The Unified Body of Christ

We will discuss the gifts from Jesus Christ to His church as well as the unifying work of the Holy Spirit in this episode.

The Mystery of the Gospel

What did Paul mean when he said he was “a prisoner of Christ Jesus”? What was the “mystery” that was revealed to Paul to share with the Gentiles?

Vertical and Horizontal Atonement

How has Christ's sacrifice changed how we relate to God? How does it change the way we live our lives and relate to others?

How God Rescues Us

We will discuss the sinful condition of humanity, and God's plan to rescue us from being "dead in our tresspasses".

The Power of the Exalted Jesus

We will discuss the power of praying in Jesus' name, as well as the gift of wisdom brought by the Holy Spirit.

God’s Grand, Christ-Centered Plan

How does Paul communicate the good news of Jesus to the Ephesians? How does Paul's message apply to your life?

Paul and the Ephesians

We take a big-picture view of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Ephesians, exploring the historical context, how Paul was received, and the primary focus of the letter.

Ablaze with God’s Glory

Sooner or later, the end-time happenings that the Bible talks about will come. We don’t know when or how everything will happen. But we know enough to see the big picture. The book of Revelation shows us the most important things that will happen in the end times. Everyone whose name isn’t written in the book of life will worship the sea animal and his false god. Everyone who chooses to follow the Lord Jesus Christ and obey His law will have their names written in the book of life. Their names will not be removed. Who cares if we have honor or fame in this life if we have everlasting life with God?

The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast: Part 2

Have you wondered what plan Satan will use to join the governments and kingdoms on this earth? History shows us that the things that happened in the past often happen in the future. If we look at the history of the Kingdom of Rome, we can learn some important lessons about what will happen at the end of time.

The Seal of God and the Mark of the Beast: Part 1

The war between God and Satan is about worship, loyalty, and control. In Daniel 7, we read about the little horn power. That same power is shown as a wild animal in Revelation 13. 2 Thessalonians 2:3 names this same religious power “the Man of Evil” (ERV). So, the little-horn power, the wild animal, and the Man of Evil are names for the same religious power. This power tries to take control of the church away from God. This power commands people to be loyal to its rules. It also replaces God’s rules and worships Him with its own rules and forces people to accept false ideas about God. God is different. He is love. God doesn’t force anyone to worship Him. We worship God because we love Him, and He loves us. Only one thing will keep us from getting the sea animal’s mark in the end times. A love for Jesus. This study will explore the sea animal’s mark.

Satan's Final Deceptions

The Book of Revelation warns us that the people on this earth will drink a special drink named the wine of Babylon. This “wine” is false teachings that will lead to everlasting death. But God gives us “medicine” to cure us if we get sick from drinking Babylon’s wine. The “cure” is the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14. In this episode, we will continue to look at Babylon’s lies and false teachings. We also will look at Jesus’ plans to save us from them.

A City Called Confusion

The book or Revelation shows us two women. These two women are word pictures for churches. The first woman wears clothes that shine as bright as the sun. The second woman wears a red dress. Together, these two women show us what happens between God’s followers and Satan’s followers in the war between good and evil. In this episode, we will study the two women in Revelation.

The Sabbath and the End

Every person on the earth belongs to the same family. We are brothers and sisters made by the same God. The Genesis story (Genesis 1 and 2) shows us how much we really are worth. What’s more, each one of us is special. There’s no one else who is an exact copy of you anywhere. You are worth so much to God that He was born as a human and died on the cross for you and your sins!

Worshipping the Creator

Why does our universe itself, and all the majesty and grandeur and astonishing things in it, exist to begin with? What great logical contradiction would occur were our universe, and we who are in it, not here? According to the latest scientific theory (they tend to change), our universe once did not exist. In other words, ours is a contingent existence, and it’s a miracle that we are here at all. And despite all sorts of myths about the universe arising from absolutely nothing, or from some kind of mathematical equation, our universe exists because God, the Creator, has made it and everything in it.

The Hour of His Judgment

At the cross, God judged Jesus as a sinner who must die. Jesus died so that we could be judged as holy citizens in God’s kingdom in heaven. God judged Jesus as a criminal so that He can free us from everlasting fire. This fire will burn up all sin and everyone who refuses to accept God’s mercy and forgiveness for their sins.

The Good News of the Judgment

In the end, God’s work as Judge will show His love and mercy to everyone in heaven and on earth. We will see that God is both fair and full of mercy when He judges the saved and the lost. In this episode, we will study about God’s work as Judge in the end times. We also will look at what happens to God’s loyal people during “the time when God will judge everyone” (Acts 24:25, NIrV).

Fear God and Give Glory to Him

The purpose of the book of Revelation for our generation is to prepare a people to be ready for Jesus’ soon return and to unite with Him in giving His last-day message to the world. Revelation reveals the plans of God and unmasks the plans of Satan. It presents God’s final appeal, His urgent, eternal, universal message for all humanity.

The Everlasting Gospel

When most people think about the Bible’s last book, Revelation, they do not think about God’s grace. When they consider God’s last-day message, their thoughts often turn immediately to frightening beasts, mystic symbols, and strange images. The book of Revelation scares as many people as it reassures, which is unfortunate because it is, indeed, saturated with grace and filled with hope. That is, even amid the scary beasts and warnings of persecution and the hard times ahead, God still gives us reasons to rejoice in His salvation.

A Moment of Destiny

The three angels’ messages are Jesus’ final message of mercy, a call that leads us from trusting in our own righteousness to trusting the righteousness of Jesus to justify us; to sanctify us; and, at the end of time, to glorify us. As always, though, we must choose Christ, to surrender to Him and to obey Him, and the choices we make now will, indeed, impact the choices we make in the final crisis ahead of us. Thus, now is the time to prepare.