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Teach Me To Pray

So you don't know much about God, but you're open to finding out.

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So you don't know much about God, but you're open to finding out. This course helps you understand how to talk to Him, and also how He talks to you.

What You Will Learn

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What Is Prayer About?

You can talk to God about anything - whatever is on your heart!

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Your Way Or Mine?

God has given to us freedom of choice, as we have already noted. Freedom of choice is our will power – the power to choose or make a decision.

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Really Forgiven?

Forgiveness is sometimes hard to accept. To forgive people enormous atrocities or deeply inflicted personal pain is very difficult.


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Dr Graeme Loftus

Reviews (25)

This was a good course with many helpful scriptures to help bring me much closer to my heavenly father. I recommend it to anyone just starting the journey of bible study, prayer and understanding the good news.

Deanna Clark

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to start a fresh relationship with and finds it important to understand the need and meaning of praying.

Verrah Otiende

I would recommend this course to all believers..... to remind us of the purpose and meaning of The Lords Prayer...we should always be teachable regardless of how long Jesus Christ has been in us.

frankie reid

My eyes have opened, I see prayer in a different light. I thank God for what he has done for me and my prayer is that you will come to know and see what he can and has done for you.

Salote Kuila

A great course with lots of information. If you take the time to read the bible scriptures at the same time as you complete the course it will be a genuinely rewarding experience. I certainly never realised how much deeper the Lord's prayer was!

D Bowen

This course has helped me take a deeper look at the ritualistic way in which I prayed the Lord's Prayer. I now have a deeper and clearer understanding of how I am to apply my words and the word of God for success in my prayer life. Take this course its ok

Doll P